How to choose a Forex broker?

In order to have a good Forex Broker, you need to take into account several criteria.

The spread

there are various Broker, provide a bitter struggle to show your customers the lowest spreads to offer, because they know that this very often for the final decision of the individual investor is crucial. There are considerable differences in the spreads, both between the individual dealers as well as among the traded foreign exchange. You are on the volatility of the traded cross council and the profit margins of the traders on the market.

The most observed spread is the for the cross rate of EUR/USD pair which on forex the most traded currency pair. Only rarely will you find serious Broker, which spreads for this pair of under 2 pips. Be careful if you 1 pip spreads and less promised - often mean these cuts in the execution of their trades (no immediate execution, increase the range of spreads as soon as the market is highly volatile, etc.) as well as for the security of your deposit (no bank guarantee in the event of insolvency).

Market Maker or retailer?

There are different ways to access the Forex market. Your broker is either a market maker or it uses platform and real-time prices of a market maker or a "no dealing desk" System. In itself it does not matter whether your broker a market maker or not. If this is not itself a market maker is, in certain cases to avoid conflicts of interest.

The market position of your broker

from the above it follows that you must be given to the importance of the market maker on the market. In this way you are able to get a picture of the flow of trade on the platform and its popularity among investors and thus to assess how effective this means in general for their daily trading.

Bank guarantees

make sure that your broker can present secured bank guarantees. In October 2005, the collapse of REFCO, then number 1 in the global foreign exchange trading, numerous customers without any compensation with pulled into the abyss. However, the markets are better organised and regulated and the players are better positioned in total. Our Tipp: The Broker OptionsClick

Guaranteed spreads

in the publication of economic data, it can be due to speculation to price fluctuations. This is the opportunity to high value increases abzuschopfen. By a widening of the spreads at this point in time (a so-called slip page) can this speculative tendencies however reduce or even completely eliminate. Therefore make sure that you have your broker the offered spreads guaranteed, at least the main cross council and as long as no very strong market volatility prevails.

The number of customers,

it is always difficult to customers pay a dealer to find out. But can provide this information with regard to the assessment of the brokers help. If you enter the number of its customers want to learn, you only have the possibility to the broker directly to ask.

Popularity in relevant forums

it can be interesting, once the relevant forums on the subject of financial markets or forex review. Here you can find reports of existing customers of certain broker from which assess their satisfaction.

Prescribed Mindest-Losgrosize

in the rule are no minimum sizes for the transaction volume in the forex area; where there are such that they are very low. Some Broker write them but that their purchases and sales in fixed lot sizes of 50,000 or 100,000, which significantly reduces their flexibility. A Overview of the best Forex Broker you will find on: